Ashwagandha Tonic


Ashwagandha is a traditional herb used to aid recovering from exhaustion and stress. Its remarkable stress relieving and rejuvenating properties, boost endurance while calming nerves. It is also useful for those who are anxious and have difficulty sleeping.



Active ingredients

Each 1ml contains 500mg of ashwagandha (withania somnifera)


5ml (one teaspoon) once daily with a little juice or water.

During periods of acute stress, dose may be increased to 5ml (one teaspoon) twice daily.


Not to be used in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This product contains xylitol.


Review on investigated benefits of Ashwagandha: anxiolytic, improve stamina and endurance

Systematic review of human trials concluded that Ashwaganda resulted in improvements (significantly in most cases) than placebo in outcomes on anxiety or stress scales