Psychiatric Compounding

Avoid the traditional challenges associated with psychiatric drug dose titration

Dose titration to treat mental disorders in psychiatry involves the gradual adjustment of medication doses to achieve the desired therapeutic effect while minimising side effects. However, there are several challenges associated with dose titration in psychiatric medicine.

Patients with mental illnesses can vary widely in their response to psychiatric medications. Factors such as age, weight, metabolism, and genetics can influence how an individual responds to a specific dosage. Some psychiatric medications are only available in particular strengths or dosage forms. This can make it challenging to find the optimal dosage for a specific patient.

Compounding allows for the creation of customised dosages tailored to individual patient’s needs, helping to address variability in drug response and improve patient compliance. A compounded drug in liquid form potentially allows for easier dose adjustments and better patient safety as the drug is professionally tapered.

Common psychiatric drugs we compound

Discontinued medicines

Access mental health medications proven to work that you can no longer get elsewhere

Sometimes, commercially prescribed medication that has proven effective in treating specific psychiatric disorders and mood disorders and their physical symptoms may be discontinued, recalled, or out of stock. When this happens, we can compound based on a prescription to facilitate continued patient care.

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