Paediatric Compounding

Easy-to-take formulations for children to improve compliance and results.

Medicating paediatric patients can be challenging as most children resist oral medicines due to the taste. Others find it difficult to swallow pills or are afraid of injections. In addition, most commercially medications come in adult strengths.

At Amber, we create custom paediatric dosages in the appropriate dosage form, including suspensions and solutions, in various flavours to combat this.

Common paediatric conditions

Commonly requested paediatric Medications

Discontinued medicines

Access medications proven to work that you can no longer get elsewhere

Sometimes, a commercially available medication that has proven effective in treating a specific health condition may be discontinued, recalled, or out of stock. When this happens, we can compound based on a prescription to facilitate continued patient care.

How to place an order

Need help or assistance?

Call or message our Compounding Helpline and be referred to one of our pharmacists to discuss the paediatric compounded medications available.