Compounding for you

Evidence-based specialist compounding tailored to your specific requirements.

Our registered pharmacists at our specialist compounding pharmacy can work with you to create personalised medications and healthcare products to the exact dosage strength and dosage form you or your patients require to achieve great results.

We’re happy to source or import therapeutic products in small quantities to meet your health care and patient diagnosis requirements. We can also source discontinued medications that have been taken off the pharmaceutical market due to a lack of mass demand.

Our key areas of precision medicine specialisation are dermatology, nutritional compounding, herbal medicine and veterinary medicine. We also engage healthcare providers with pain management, hair loss management, bio-identical hormones, psychiatry and paediatrics.


Clinically proven compounding drugs effective in treating a range of skin conditions.

Nutritional compounding

High-quality vitamins and minerals crafted to address specific conditions and rectify deficiencies.

Herbal Medicines

Quality herbal tinctures that support a holistic, alternative approach.

Veterinary Medicines

Customised drug formulations that boost compliance and results.

Pain management

Alleviate discomfort and improve quality of life with custom pain medications.

Hair loss management

Personalised strategies with enhanced efficacy and reduced side effects.

Bio-identical hormones

Compounded hormone replacement therapy drugs that improve quality of life.

Psychiatric compounding

Avoid the traditional challenges associated with psychiatric dose titration.

Paediatric compounding

Easy-to-take formulations for children to improve compliance and results.