Our partners

We work with a network of trusted pharmacies and suppliers around the world

Biological Therapies, Australia

Biological Therapies is at the forefront of sterile nutritional manufacturing. All products are manufactured under the strict PIC/S Code of GMP (the highest GMP standards).

Ardeypharm GmbH, Germany

Convinced that nature offers many natural active ingredients for the benefit of health, Ardeypharm GmbH produces and distributes a wide range of phytopharmaceuticals.

Visionary Health Compounding Chemist, Australia

As a compounding specialist, Visionary Health is trusted by doctors and patients in Australia to provide pharmacological, nutritional and herbal products of the highest quality.

Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia, Australia

PCCA provides pharmacies with resources for ongoing learning, as well as tools to empower them to make personalised medicines for unique patient needs.

Arise MD, USA

One of our formulating partners, Arise MD are experts in integrative and functional medicine, age management, dentistry, sleep, dermatology and nutrition.

Niramaya Centre, Thailand

Niraamaya Centre is a natural health centre in Thailand providing a range of integrated health services including naturopathy.

Bova, United Kingdom

Bova began as a Sydney-based pharmacy in Australia in 1968. By 2016 it had grown to be the largest veterinary compounder in the country. Bova Australia developed a formulary of over 30,000 lines, refining each formulation over the years and becoming experts in the regulatory environment surrounding veterinary practice. In 2017 Bova UK opened its doors as a manufacturer dedicated to bringing quality Specials Medications to the UK veterinary market. The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) authorised its facilities with a ManSA (Manufacturer ‘Specials’ Authorisation) for sterile and non-sterile medicines. Bova UK was the first company to receive VMD authorisation to manufacture sterile products in the UK.