Adrenal Tonic


A liquid herbal to support and nourish the adrenals, helping the body to cope with stress, promoting sound sleep and supporting steady energy levels.




Active ingredients

Rhodiola, Liquid Zinc, Licorice, Withania, Olive Leaf


Shake well and take 5ml once daily in the morning with a little juice or water. Consume for 3-6 months for optimal benefits


Phenolic components of olive oil demonstrated free-radical scavenging properties:

Review suggests that a large number of studies in literature report that olive leaf has positive effects on the parameters related with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases:

In vitro study demonstrated the olive leaf extract modulates human immune response:

Review on investigated benefits of Withania: anxiolytic, improve stamina and endurance

Systematic review of human trials concluded that Withania resulted in improvements (significantly in most cases) than placebo in outcomes on anxiety or stress scales