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We create customised medicines and healthcare solutions that deliver proven results
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We create unique formulations tailored to you, your patient or client

Whether you’re a doctor, naturopath, vet or customer, our highly-specialised compounding pharmacists can work with you to create evidence-based medicines and healthcare products and solutions in the exact strength, dosage form and even flavour you require.


Our compounding specialties

We can help you with skin products, supplements, herbal tonics, pet health and more


Clinically-proven preparations effective in treating a range of skin conditions

Nutritional compounding

Pure nutrition to support conditions, correct deficiencies and improve compliance

Herbal medicines

Active plant-based formulations that support a holistic, alternative approach

Veterinary medicine

Customised medicines and dosage forms that boost compliance and results

Our commitment

We ensure every prescription meets high quality and control specifications


We only use pharmaceutical grade ingredients for our prescription medications.


Our meticulous staff and quality control processes guarantee strict audit trails and traceability.


A licensed pharmacist verifies every step of the compounding process from dispensing and compounding to labelling.


We audit our compounds through weight, volume and yield checks and send random samples for potency testing.


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