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Amber Compounding Pharmacy today announced an exclusive distributorship with Bova UK. Through the alliance, Amber now brings Bova’s expertise and innovative products in sterile compounded preparations for vets and veterinary practices across South East Asia. The agreement marks a milestone for the Amber Group in striving to offer the best compounded products and services to veterinary practitioners in the region.

Through the development of proprietary innovative formulas, Amber has been at the forefront of veterinary compounding in Singapore since 2008. With over 200 staff worldwide today, Bova is firmly established as the biggest veterinary medicines compounder in the UK and also Australia from four decades of pharmacy practice. The synergies of experience and reliability between the two companies provide enhanced value to veterinary service providers.

“We look forward to working with Bova UK,” said Ms Jayne Shir Li, Managing Pharmacist of Amber Compounding Pharmacy. “Through its manufacturing capabilities in the UK, Bova offers exceptional quality of finished veterinary products that complement Amber’s innovative range. At the heart of our ethos has been to customize the best veterinary care for any one animal. We are glad to collaborate with a reputed veterinary organization like Bova UK, and scale better for our veterinary friends and companions.”

“We are very pleased to have this agreement with Amber Compounding Pharmacy,” said Mr Nick Bova, Managing Director of Bova UK and Bova Australia. “Both companies share historical expertise developed in our local geographies. We have gone through similar challenges too. Amber today is in a unique position to deliver incredible value for its veterinary clients. We are happy to support Amber’s journey with our latest offerings from our licensed GMP facilities in the UK.”

About Amber

Amber Compounding Pharmacy began in 2008 in Singapore. Through a pioneering membership with the Professional Compounding Chemists of America (PCCA) from Australia, Amber offers the highest quality compounding ingredients and best practices in the industry. From a simple credo to customize first in class healthcare medications for individual patients, practitioners and veterinary animals, Amber conducts research and development to deliver and refine a wide range of innovative compounding formulations. Subsequent branches in Johor and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia cater to a growing range of clients requiring unique customizations. In pandemic times, Amber remains committed to providing uniquely customized healthcare.

About Bova

Bova began as a Sydney-based pharmacy in Australia in 1968. By 2016 it had grown to be the largest veterinary compounder in the country. Bova Australia developed a formulary of over 30,000 lines, refining each formulation over the years and becoming experts in the regulatory environment surrounding veterinary practice. In 2017 Bova UK opened its doors as a manufacturer dedicated to bringing quality Specials Medications to the UK veterinary market. The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) authorised its facilities with a ManSA (Manufacturer ‘Specials’ Authorisation) for sterile and non-sterile medicines. Bova UK was the first company to receive VMD authorisation to manufacture sterile products in the UK.