Elven Guard


The only plant-active ingredient endorsed by the WHO, Elven Guard provides botanically strong yet safe 8+ hours protection against biting insects, including dengue/yellow fever mosquitoes. Natural; eco-friendly.



Ingredients (natural/plant-based)

Organic para-menthane 3,8 diol (PMD), isopulegol, citronellal, citronellol, lemongrass, glycerin, ethanol, purified water

Shown under laboratory conditions to provide complete (100%) protection against the Aedes mosquito (dengue, yellow fever). Also protects against sand flies, flies, ants, ticks, leeches, lice, bedbugs and a wide range of other insects. 8+ hours protection per single application.

Pharmacist made and produced to international quality standards. Alcohol-based; disinfectant properties. All ingredients are biodegradable, including the active PMD botanically rich oil (PMDBRO). Safe for human skin (DEET free) and suitable for pregnant women, children and pets. Doesn’t leave an unpleasant texture on the skin.


Spray evenly over exposed areas of skin.

Caution: Use sparingly on infants under one year. Avoid contact with eyes and lips.


Store at room temperature (<30 °C).