Harvey’s transformation

Harvey’s transformation—the story of how our veterinary medication helped give this pet a new lease on life

In August 2018, Harvey was brought to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in an incredibly neglected physical state. His ears were infested with maggots from an infection that, even after months of trying various veterinary treatments, still hadn’t improved.

The SPCA sent samples of the infection to an overseas laboratory revealing a multidrug-resistant bacteria. Though a difficult decision, it was sadly determined that one of his ears needed to be amputated to restore his health.

Video credit: YouTube / SPCA Singapore / Harvey Recovery Transformation

Harvey’s results examined before we compounded a custom preparation

The SPCA brought the overseas lab report to us. Because of the multidrug-resistant bacteria, most broad-spectrum antibiotics wouldn’t be effective. Therefore, based on the results, we compounded a customised thermo-reversible topical anti-infective gel, similar to our standard K9Biotix™ preparation. The gel was applied to Harvey’s ear once weekly.

After a year of treatment, thanks in part to our customised compounded medications, Harvey was feeling much better. His remaining ear had cleared up, the swelling had subsided, and it was free from maggots, fleas and ticks.

Customised compounded veterinary medication can now be prescribed

Veterinary practice has evolved significantly in recent years, allowing customised compounded medicines to be prescribed. This lets pharmacists customise medications to an individual animal’s needs by combining and modifying existing ingredients or creating new ones when prescription and over-the-counter options aren’t available.

This can be really beneficial when treating dogs, as each dog may have different needs based on their size, age, breed, and other factors. It also helps to create more palatable medications, making it easier for pet owners to administer doses to their dogs and cats.

Customised compounded veterinary medicines can also help reduce waste by avoiding the need for larger dosages of medication that aren’t suitable for small animals. Compounding is, therefore, an important tool used in veterinary medicine that allows veterinarians to provide custom medications tailored specifically to the needs of their canine patients.

Harvey finds his forever home with a new compassionate owner

Image credit: Facebook / SPCA Singapore / Harvey going home with his new loving family

Despite his setbacks, Harvey never gave up. He kept fighting and eventually found a forever home exactly one year later, in August 2019. He found his happy ending when he first laid eyes on his new owner at the SPCA, who knew Harvey was the one.

“Harvey is a survivor with a fighting spirit. His eight years of life must’ve been tough. When we visited the SPCA, we first noticed his kind, gentle eyes as he lay in his enclosure, watching us calmly. When no one else was within earshot, I knelt down and spoke to him. I assured him that I understood his apprehension, and having gone through some tough times myself, I sensed his pain and fear.”

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