Consent judgement (Suit HC/S 164/2018) protecting Amber’s unique formulas

On 14th September 2020 the High Court of Singapore recorded a Consent Judgement against Priscilla Lim Suk Ling (an ex-employee of Amber) and UrbanRx Compounding Pharmacy Pte Ltd (t/a The Pharmacy Inc.). Priscilla Lim and UrbanRx (The Pharmacy Inc.) admitted to copying and breach of confidence against Amber.

In response to the outcome, UrbanRx (The Pharmacy Inc.) has issued a letter signed by the company directors, Priscilla Lim and Daniel Tai Hann James, acknowledging the wrongful conduct.

The High Court will next assess the damages dues from Priscilla Lim and UrbanRx (The Pharmacy Inc.). We are glad for the protection of our unique formulations. We are also grateful to all who have stood by us as we have sought resolution.

Thank you for your continued support.